The production plat combines 35 years of experience and tradition with a constant technological innovation.


- Extrusion process able to perform a complete gelatinization of starch, fundamental to ensure a high digestibility of the products;

- Introduction of liquid ingredients through the innovative “vacuum” system in order to allow the complete absorption of fats without damaging the same;

- Management of production based on orders received from customers and not on the stock to allow the delivery of “fresh” products with a long expiring date;

- Use of highly skilled and motivated staff to better respond to the needs and requirements of customers.

All stages are subject ,more than to the compliance with national and European rules, to the strict UNI EN ISO 9001 quality system, with the research of a continuous improvement. This is the driving philosophy of the company for every decision.

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Alimenti zootecnici per cani e gatti

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