Adragna produces pet food using only the best raw materials available in the Sicilian and Italian market. Thanks to this feature, the products Adragna may be considered to all e ects of the Mediterranean and then “made in Italy”. The recipes of the products resulting from the collaboration between specialists within the company and nutritionists.
In keeping with the corporate values of respect for the environment and love towards animals, Adragna Pet food follows a “cruelty free” logic, i.e. no any animal testing. The company in fact has always worked in close collaboration with some major private breeders and kennels, with which carries out only testing the attractiveness of its products and their performance, without a ecting in any way the health of animals.

Another prerogative which makes products Adragna synonymous with quality, is a close working relationship with key suppliers of raw materials, in order to ensure a constant control and their genuineness. 

Adragna Alimenti zootecnici Srl
Alimenti zootecnici per cani e gatti

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